Hotel & Catering Uniforms In UAE

According to the different demands of work in a hotel or catering industry we offer varied kinds of uniforms.All types of hotel uniformUAE and catering uniformDubai are supplied by us. Chef coats, jackets, pants, smocks, button-up shirts with long/short sleeves, promotional t-shirts and many more are made by us. Hotel uniformUAE for all staff from head chef to delivery person are manufactured by us. Our uniforms are made with comfortable fabric suitable for kitchen environment and all other types of work.Since catering uniforms have to be cleaned frequently and rigorously we use long lasting materials for its manufacturing. The uniforms are made of materials which do not shrink. We guarantee durability and reliable functionality for hotel uniformUAE and catering uniformDubai.

Each kind of business may want their unique type of clothing and we will address this requirement efficiently. We also do embroidery on these clothing as per the wish of the client. Logo printing and any other design printing can also be done by us effectively. Our uniforms are custom made and we will manufacture the most befitting cloth for you with precise cutting and stitching.Along with work specific clothing we also offer shirts and caps which can be used for promotional activities. Such caps and shirts can also be designed and printed by us as per the demand.We take your promotional activities seriously and will strive to meet your marketing expectations. We are also the best manufacturer and supplier of hotel uniform in Abu Dhabi and catering uniform in Abu Dhabi. You are sure to find us at the top of the list when you look for hotel uniform in Abu Dhabi and catering uniform in Abu Dhabi.

Our in-house team will work along with you to incorporate your ideas and suggestions effectively. We incorporate the latest fashion and trends of the industry in the uniforms. You will never feel out of place or uncomfortable by wearing our uniforms. Our hotel uniformUAE and catering uniformDubai not only gives a polished and refined look to your personnel but also offers breathability for the wearer. You can display your professionalism by choosing us. Our range of uniforms in the category of hotel and catering include Chef Uniforms, Dining Staffs Uniforms, Barista Uniforms, Butchers Workwear, Managers / Officers Uniforms, Aprons and Accessories etc. Take pride in your uniforms by choosing us.

Why choose us?

  • Quality fabric
  • Competitive price
  • Custom made uniforms
  • On time delivery
  • Skilled workforce
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
  • Satisfactory customer service


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