Corporate Social Responsibility

Budget Uniform integrates Corporate Social Responsibility with its business in the best possible way. CSR does not remain as a concept alone we adopt CSR as a way of doing business. All our activities are undertaken with the aim of maximizing benefits to the industry and society at large & also for safeguarding the environment. We take measures and actions to ensure effective ESS (Environment & Social Sustainability) activities are carried out. We source our materials form authentic and reliable traders. Also our hiring practices are in legal compliance with labour laws and regulations. We guarantee a safety working environment for all our employees.


Our foremost CSR work involves the protection of environment. Various measures to reduce the carbon footprint are carried out by us. We follow the 3 R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle for safeguarding the environment. Minimizing the use of plastics and installing LED lighting in all offices, stores and warehousing are some of the other actions taken by us. To avoid the use of plastic bottles and cups we use filtered drinking water and we also eliminate the use of plastic and paper for our packing.

Ethical labour practices

Our employees are our backbone We ensure a comfortable working environment for them by treating them equally and fairly. We operate by complying with all labour laws and regulations. All our labour practices are carried out in relation to the location of our branch.

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