The 3 Keys to Design Uniform for Hospitality Industry

Uniform standards are different for diverse industries. A factory worker and a corporate manager cannot wear the same type of uniform. Uniforms are designed and manufactured based on various factors. All the factors should be carefully considered in order to create the most efficient and effective uniforms which are comfortable and that which will uphold the values of the organisation. 

Hospitality industry uniforms usually include suits, skirts, trousers, jackets, shirts, spencers etc. According to the specific job type and the branding required uniforms for hospitality industry are designed. You have to give your work for hospitality uniforms in UAE to a good manufacturer. Budget Uniform, uniforms suppliers in Dubai will create the perfect uniforms for hospitality industry. Well known as one of the best uniforms suppliers in Dubai we will design unique and exceptional hospitality uniforms in UAE.

Three keys to design uniforms for hospitality industry


While designing and manufacturing uniforms it is very important to consider the functionality of the uniforms. Uniforms have to serve the purpose for which it has been designed. A functional uniform makes the employees comfortable and increases the productivity. Most of the hospitality work involves a lot of moving around. By wearing effective uniforms employees can save a lot of time and make them efficient in handling their work in a better manner. For hospitality industry uniforms with pockets are an option. While selecting fabric you have to make sure that it will not cause any discomfort such as skin irritations. The fitting of the uniforms according to the size and body type is also important. Quality fabric will be long lasting and will also be wrinkle and shrink resistant. If you are selecting coloured uniforms you should also make sure that colour of the fabric will not bleed. Hospitality uniforms are often susceptible to stains and odours and therefore the fabric should be able to withstand rough use. 


Brand is the reputation of the organisation. Uniforms are part of brand identity of an organisation. Therefore while designing uniforms you have to custom make it by keeping in mind the way you need to project your organisation. You should not design the uniforms in haste, you have to carefully consider each and every aspect of uniform designing. Logo printing, embroidery, digital prints, screen printing and so on can be done on uniforms to make it distinctive and exceptional. While creating the concept of the hospitality uniforms you should also make sure that they are according to the industry standards. The accessories like aprons, caps, coats etc should be chosen carefully. Personalized uniforms should be manufactured in such a way that your organisation will stand out from its counterparts. One of a kind and catchy uniform concepts will be identified by people easily. Colour mixing and colour consistency should be properly done. 

Respect of the customer

In hospitality industry high interactions between the employees and the customers takes place. Just like the behaviour of the employees which can influence the customers, appearance of the employees also have major role to play in impressing the customers. A receptionist who is professionally dressed will reflect the values held by the organisation. Professional uniforms not only impress the customers but also give the employees a confidence and morale boost to work better. Customers will trust and will stay consistent with such organisations. It gives the customers the assurance that they are associating with a reliable establishment. 

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